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Carmelite Propers of the Liturgy of the Hours


Proper prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours to be used by members of the Carmelite Order

Springs of Carmel: An Introduction to Carmelite Spirituality


In this book, Peter Slattery gives a refreshing account of the Carmelite spiritual tradition and the important people who have shaped its history, including Elijah, Mary, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Therese of Lisieux, Titus Brandsma, and Edith Stein.

Carmel and Music


This book is an invitation to explore the theme of Carmel and music. In some cases, it deals with Carmelites who were themselves musicians and composers such as Bartolino da Padova, John Hothby, Giovanni Bonadies, Manuel Cardoso, Benedictus Buns and Hermann Cohen, all of whom are receiving greater attention in recent years and are included in this volume.

Elijah: Inner Fire, Outward Zeal


The Talks and Program from the 2019 Lay Carmelite Convocation.
Chicago, Illinois | July 19-21, 2019