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Profiles in Holiness

Profiles in Holiness

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Redemptus Valabek, O.
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The first volume of a series of books telling the story of men and women who have ascended Carmel. The lives highlighted are: Bl. Isidore Bakanja; Bl. Jacques Retouret, O. Carm.; Martinien Pannetier, O. Carm., Agnes Bernard, T.O.Carm., and Thérèse Thiac; Hilary Januszewski, O. Carm., Liberata Ferrarons; Angel Prat and Fifteen Carmelite Confreres; Sr. Maria Badia; Venerable Angelo Paoli, O. Carm; Mariangela Virgili, T.O.Carm.; Venerable Jerome Terzo, O. Carm.; Annie Zelikova; M. Candelaria of St. Joseph, O. Carm.; Maria Carolina Scampone; Madre Elisea Maria Oliver, O. Carm.; Mother M. Angeline Teresa, O. Carm.; Venerable Carmen de Sojo.

The second volume of Fr. Redemptus's books highlighting some of the well known and lesser known saints and near saints of Carmel. Included in this volume are Veneragle Seraphina of God (1621-1699); Mother Maria Teresa Scrilli, O. Carm., (1825-1889); Bartholomé F.M. Xiberta, O. Carm., (1897-1967); Carmelo Moyano and Companions; Arcángela Badosa, O. Carm. (1878-1918): Wilhelmina Ronconi (1864-1936); Wiera Francia (1898-1928); Maria Crocifissa Curcio (1877-1957); Sr. Mary of the Blessed Sacrament, O. Carm., (1870-1949); Teresita González-Quevedo (1930-1950); Santos Fracno Sánchez (1942-1954); Ramón Montero Navarro (1931-1945); Amata Cerretelli, T.O.Carm. (1907-1963).

The third volume in the series tells the lives of Fr. Juan Sanz, O. Carm. (1557-1608), Venerable Miguel de la Fuente, O. Carm. (1573-1625), Venerable John of St. Samson, O. Carm. (1571-1636), Brother Francis of the Cross, O. Carm. (1585-1647), Venerable John Dominic Lucchesi, O. Carm. (1652-1714), Venerable Rosemary Serio (1674-1726), Sr. Mary Magdalene Mazzoni Sangiorgi (1683-1749), Maria Concetta Todaro (1858-1923), The Castillian Carmel in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Alois Ehrlick, O. Carm. (1868-1945).

This fourth and final volume by Fr. Redemptus Valabek, O. Carm. recounts the stories of eleven European Carmelites, including St. Edith Stein, OCD, St. George Preca, and Margaret of the Eucharist, TOC, and highlights their contribution to both the Order and the Church. The volume concludes with dedication to Fr. Valabek, who died in 2003.

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